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Ref: 093/17

1 years 7 months

Dog · Husky · Black and White



Blaze has come from a home he shared with 2 adults and an older Border Collie. He has met visiting children of all ages and was good with them. He is house-trained but at the moment does not have a re-call. He is crate trained as he can chew if left for a long period of time. He has always been friendly meeting new people and dogs. He unfortunately will chase livestock given the chance.


Blaze has been brought in for re-homing as he was too much for his previous owner.

Re-homing Criteria

Preferably a Husky experienced person(s) who have the time to work on his re-call and give him some other training.


Happy Endings

Tibby, two years later :)

Tibby was rehomed in 2014, she has been very busy with her new life. She has just written to us to tell us how she is getting on.

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Cats and dogs can get along very well but introductions need careful management.

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